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Transparency Reporting  

  • 23g MI Kids Back on Track
    For questions or to request assistance regarding the 23g Strategic Plan, please contact: CCA Lower Elementary Gabriela Jaime, School Leader (313) 843-9440 CCA Upper Elementary Andrew Wright, School Leader (313) 361-1083 CCA Middle School April Hines-Jenkins, School Leader (313) 842-0006 CCA High School Carissa Rusnak, School Leader (313) 361-8689
  • Annual Required Reports
    Annual Education Report School Improvement Plans Educational Goals Reports
  • Charter Contract
    View the current charter contract here
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement
    CBA 2022-2027
  • COVID-19 Plans & Documents
    COVID-19 Documents
  • Emergency Drills
    Emergency drill rules: Schools that operate grades kindergarten to 12 are required to do the following: 1. Minimum of 8 fire drills during each school year ( 5 drills should be held during the fall months, 3 drills should be held the second half of the year). 2. Minimum of 2 tornado drills shall be held by December 1st of the school year and 2 shall be held during the remaining part of the school year. 3. Minimum of 3 lockdown drills where the occupants are restricted to the interior of the building and the building is secured for each school year. At least 1 of these drills must be conducted by December 1st of the school year and at least 1 shall be conducted after January 1st of the school year with a reasonable spacing interval between each drill. View the FIRE PREVENTION CODE View the emergency drill logs
  • ESP Contracts
    View the ESP Contracts
  • Evaluation Tools
    School Leader & Teacher Evaluation Tools
  • Financial Reporting
    Accounts Payable Check Register Association Dues Audit Bargaining Agreement Budgets Deficit Elimination Plan- no deficit elimination plan is in place. District Credit Card- the district does not have a credit card. District & ESP Expenditures Lobbying Fees- MAPSA $15,526.00 Out of State Travel- There was no out of state travel reported for FY2022-23. Quarterly Financials
  • Healthcare
    The following healthcare benefits are sponsored by The Leona Group, the employer of record and are available to all full-time TLG employees. Medical- Priority Health Base Plan, Priority Health Buy-Up Plan, Priority Health Value Plan Dental- Delta Dental Vision- Superior Vision Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Payflex. Healthcare Summary Document
  • Salary/Compensation Reporting
    School leader compensation reports
  • Policies & Plans
    Expense Reimbursement Policy Procurement Policy Technology Protection Measure & Internet Safety Policy Title IX Policy & Documents Wellness Policy
  • Lead Testing
  • Air Quality
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